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In other media….

I write for a number of publications. Here’s a few of them. Some may require a subscription (but those subs pay for writing by the likes of me!):


The Bright spark who lit up Glasgow, British Medical Journal, Christmas 2017  BMJ 2017;359:j5597

Doctors on Film  British Medical Journal, Christmas 2016  BMJ 2016;355:i6172

Nurses on Film  Nursing Standard, July 2017

The Mountain Midwives Midwives Magazine Royal College of Midwives, March 2014

Unfortunately, some links in earlier History Company posts no longer work because other sites have scrapped their archive pages. The Scottish Review is one of them.  – so here’s my SR pieces on


John Crofton 

I have written two other pieces on Sir John:

Life and Work November 2013…/john-crofton-scottish-review.pdf

Guest blog for the RCPI Heritage Centre  July 2014