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I write for a number of publications. Here’s a few of them. Some may require a subscription (but those subs pay for writing by the likes of me):

Sunday Post April 18, 2022 – The World Ended Tonight – Ukraine and Guernica

Health and Care Scotland April 4, 2022 – TB and the Edinburgh physician

The Times March 22, 2022 Scotland led the fight against TB but the battle isn’t over yet

Times pdf

Health and Care Scotland March 20, 2022 – Scottish midwives on the frontier

Health and Care Scotland  December 20, 2021 -Long read – the CMO who spoke the unspeakable

Scottish Review December 5, 2021 – In search of the next medical breakthrough

Scottish Review August 24, 2021 – Michael Gove’s finest hour (with a polecat),the destruction of Erasmus and how educational autarky just breeds ignorance

The Race to Beat a Silent Killer – the discovery of insulin, mercy dash across Europe, Nobel rumpus, and naturally-produced opiates Sunday Post, June 31

Scottish Review  May 12, 2021 Sailing under the flag of Cruel Britannia

Midwives Magazine January 2021 Enquiring Minds (pp 33-35). No byline. Pdf: midwives magazine Jan 2021

Edinburgh TB x-ray campaign  Sunday Post, December 27, 2020,  Best viewed with the 1958 British Pathe clip

Henry Dundas Scottish Legal News, October 26, 2020

Longniddry Piggery Scottish  Housing News, October 26, 2020

The Nation’s Doctor: The Aberdonian who brought public health to the airwaves  BBC Scotland Weekend GMS podcast, October 18, 2020

No statue of limitations on the limitations of statues Edinburgh Reporter, August 2, 2020

Sir Wilson Jameson and WHO The Herald, April 26, 2020

Available as word document: Herald Jameson WW2 CMO

Sir Wilson Jameson The Times, March 31, 2020

As a pdf Times scan

Cultivate Honesty An editorial for the Journal of Advanced Nursing, January 2020, extolling the value of nursing history in the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.

Band of Sisters British Medical Journal, Christmas 2019 on the Scottish Women’s Hospital at Royaumont. You can listen to it too (7 mins)   BMJ 2019367 doi:

Band of sisters in Word

UK/US special relationship forged first by midwives and nurses Midwives Magazine autumn 2018

Scottish midwives in Kentucky Sunday Post June 2018

Aberdeen and the birth of the NHS, Press and Journal, June 2018

Bevan’s backroom boys  The Herald July 2018

The Bright spark who lit up GlasgowBritish Medical Journal, Christmas 2017  BMJ 2017;359:j5597 Also available here: BMJ John Macintyre Christmas piece 1

Doctors on Film  British Medical Journal, Christmas 2016  BMJ 2016;355:i6172

Nurses on Film  Nursing Standard, July 2017

The Mountain Midwives Midwives Magazine Royal College of Midwives, March 2014

Unfortunately, some links in earlier History Company posts no longer work because other sites have scrapped their archive pages. The Scottish Review is one of them.  – so here’s my SR pieces on


John Crofton 

I have written two other pieces on Sir John:

Life and Work November 2013…/john-crofton-scottish-review.pdf

Guest blog for the RCPI Heritage Centre  July 2014

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