We have our own corporate, marketing, media and web resources – why would we need you?

Because we specialise in historical content – from small organisations to the largest or a distinctive building

We would work closely with your in-house team to deliver what you need. . We can help you present this to the best effect – and identify interesting stuff hidden in libraries and archives.

What do you mean by interesting stuff?

Why all chemists should drink Carlsberg lager

A tour of 10 Downing Street

Or a trip across the Tay Bridge in 1897

What’s so special about history on the web?

Web pages allow people to engage at any level in they want:   a quick dip into your timeline, a particular video or audio clip or a longer visit looking in more detail.

Unlike printed works, web pages can also be easily updated.  One of the joys of history is that it is always being rewritten.  Your web pages will still be fresh and useful five years on.

Web pages are also accessible any time, anywhere.  So if you’re far away and have an interested customer but no printed material to hand you can point them directly to your website.

Our anniversary is important – can I still have something in print?

No problem.  Our research can also provide material for a book or pamphlet. There are cost-effective ways of printing these to order. The same applies to annual reports.

What else can you help with?

  • articles for specialist or local press
  • editing scholarly works or PhDs to reach lay audiences
  • involving your staff.  People make the real history of any firm or building. They can contribute their own stories, pictures or audio
  • engaging with social media like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube

What do you charge?

Fees are negotiable according to the particular needs of the client and duration of each project.

We work to the highest professional standards. And we like to provide an after-sales service – keeping in touch with you and your history.