Growing bananas in Haringey

When discussion gets a bit shouty shouty, it’s usually time for a quiet listen. Sir Geoff Palmer’s interview with Jim Al-Khalili is 28 minutes of utterly engrossing radio – at times shocking and funny but ultimately life affirming. Best just… Read More ›


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Have a look at our latest projects: Queen’s Nurses (April 2019), on the birth and development of the National Health Service in Scotland (July 2018). Or the history of St Andrews House.



North Uist Nurses in 1926

St Andrew's House






What’s your view of history?

  • Bunk? Henry Ford’s quote was made in a very specific context
  • Not relevant to the day job? Bob Diamond found out differently at Barclays
  • Dull? Not so when remembering the wee women who showed Caesarians could be safe

Understanding where we came from informs the present and can influence the future.

Finding out about the past is fascinating – all the more so in the digital age when audio and video archives can complement well-researched text and photographs.

And that’s the biggest dividend – it is uniquely yours. No-one else can match it.

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