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Your history makes your firm or organisation unique.  We specialise in bringing it alive for you on the web.

A well- researched history brings many business benefits.  It raises your profile with existing and potential  clients, investors, and customers – showing them you have substance – having survived and thrived on challenges over the years.

It can deliver valuable material to support your marketing campaigns and your brand’s media presence. It can also be a great way of involving your own workforce and the wider community where you are based.

People are discovering their own back yard can unearth a fascinating past. This has fuelled a recent explosion of  public interest in history.  Your organisation can be part of this.

Often it is a big anniversary that triggers interest but making it available on the web means it lives on. And that’s the biggest dividend – it is uniquely yours. No rival or competitor can match it.

The History Company offers a consultancy service to develop historical content for your website and project management of the entire editorial process –  from sourcing and creating text, photographs, video and audio.

You can click on the images below to find out about our previous projects – the National Health Service in Scotland and St Andrew’s House.

St Andrew's HouseNorth Uist Nurses in 1926

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