digital history

Motorcycling nurses

Meet district nurse Elizabeth McPhee with her rather splendid BSA motorcycle in 1926. She is the headline image in a stunning online collection at the US National Library of Medicine.  The exhibition, curated by Julia Hallam, of Liverpool University, who talks… Read More ›

The first hams for heroes

Unlikely as it sounds, the Longniddry Piggery provided Britain’s first purpose-built homes for heroes. The idea came from a group of concerned individuals early in 1915 who set up the Scottish Veterans’ Garden City Association. They drew inspiration from Letchworth… Read More ›

How the Chest was Won

Professor  Jimmy Williamson, who died in June, was the last surviving member of the Edinburgh group which found the first 100% cure for tuberculosis. In 1954 he was the last consultant to join Sir John Crofton’s team in Edinburgh. As… Read More ›