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Fags, footie and Fergie

Everyone comes to the history of the NHS from their own perspective. Thus, if you’re over 40 you’re likely to be clueless about Dr Finlay’s Casebook although it was the first peak time BBC original TV drama in the 1960s. And… Read More ›

The night the world ended

Few reporters make the ranks of poets.  My namesake Hugh Christopher Holme was one of them.  As a Reuters correspondent he brought the horror of the bombing of Gernika (Guernica) to the world’s attention. His dispatches triggered an enormous international response, immortalised in… Read More ›

EU Anthem shock

Shock news – if Scotland is dragged out of the European Union, it could take the best line from the EU anthem with it. Friedrich Schiller changed two lines in his original Ode to Joy poem published in 1785. One… Read More ›

Viva Aviva Archiva

  The history of insurance may seem an ideal cure for insomnia – but not in the hands of enterprising archivists. Aviva has recently launched its new archive website and it’s a real treat – a very good example of… Read More ›