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I am very grateful to those of you who have taken the time to comment on my History Company posts over the last ten years.

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The inspiration came from two colleagues: Anna Codrea-Rado (@annacod) and Fergus Morgan (@FergusMorgan). Fergus writes perceptively on the theatre. Anna has also written a timely belter of a book on surviving and prospering as a freelance.

So here goes….

100 years ago

Fred Banting started his first insulin experiments on dogs. Here’s my Sunday Post piece but Mike Lean’s lecture on YouTube is a real treat (8 mins).

140 years ago


Andrew Watson, the first black international footballer, captained Scotland when it inflicted its biggest defeat over England on South British soil (6-1 at Kennington Oval). There are several good articles and books on Watson – my choice would be those by Andy Mitchell.

That intense rivalry will be played out at at Wembley tomorrow. But one episode from 1993 shows respect and common decency can always prevail. Bobby Moore, England’s World Cup-winning captain was treated over several weeks in an NHS ward in an Edinburgh hospital. A big story but no-one grassed him up.

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