gems from the archive

Coughs and Sneezes

Whoever thought it up deserves a medal. Few catchphrases last a century and still resonate with the public. “Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases” originated in the 1918 influenza pandemic to support a US Public Health Service campaign. It was tagged… Read More ›

The night the world ended

Few reporters make the ranks of poets.  My namesake Hugh Christopher Holme was one of them.  As a Reuters correspondent he brought the horror of the bombing of Gernika (Guernica) to the world’s attention. His dispatches triggered an enormous international response, immortalised in… Read More ›

Viva Aviva Archiva

  The history of insurance may seem an ideal cure for insomnia – but not in the hands of enterprising archivists. Aviva has recently launched its new archive website and it’s a real treat – a very good example of… Read More ›

Motorcycling nurses

Meet district nurse Elizabeth McPhee with her rather splendid BSA motorcycle in 1926. She is the headline image in a stunning online collection at the US National Library of Medicine.  The exhibition, curated by Julia Hallam, of Liverpool University, who talks… Read More ›